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Our Mission

Our purpose is to help operators in the Eagle Ford and other shale plays improve their oil recovery and profitability, by screening, designing and implementing cost effective, miscible cyclic gas injection to their depleting shale wells.

Curriculum Vitae

George Grinestaff (CEO/RE)

George has 34 years of industry experience in all phases of engineering.  George’s last assignment with a major was at Statoil Gulf LLC as Leading Advisor Reservoir Simulation where he set standards and did peer reviews for simulation worldwide.  George set standards for compositional simulation in the deep-water GOM where he developed the Vito field for gas injection.   He also worked exploration projects in Chuckchi Sea Alaska and Gulf of Mexico.  George has been associated with Mantle from 2010-11 doing electro-magnetic surveys on Mantle’s La Rosa field in Refugio Co, Tx.  George started working in the oil field while growing up in Southwest Wyoming (drilling and production).  In 1983 George started his career with Arco working in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  As a facility operator he started up the Prudhoe Bay miscible gas project where enriched gas was injected for tertiary recovery.  In 1984 he began working as a reservoir engineer on the miscible WAG floods of Prudhoe Bay, and continued with BP Exploration in 1993 for a total of 15 years as a reservoir engineer.  The Prudhoe Bay field is a showcase of technology breakthroughs industry wide.  After Prudhoe Bay George moved on to Aberdeen, Scotland where he was head of Streamline Simulation in the Upstream Technology division for BP.  During this time George managed a development project with Schlumberger Geoquest for development of an IOR scaling method using the Streamline Front Tracking simulator.  He worked reservoirs in North Sea, Egypt, Abu-Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and US building start to finish complex reservoir simulation models.  In 2003 George started working as a consultant with TRACS International, primarily on Gas Condensate fields in Oman.  After moving back to the US, George worked in Alaska as a private consultant for 7 years.  He developed BP’s Liberty Field in Alaska where an additional exploration block was found through George’s exploration analysis.  George has extensive experience in black oil and compositional reservoir simulation along with production engineering.

In 2016 George started working to develop unconventional IOR technology for Shale gas injection as a consultant with International Reservoir Technologies, IRT.  George then decided to start Shale IOR LLC and brought in Mantle O&G, IRT and ScienceSoft as a software developer.  Shale IOR LLC is now a full-service provider for IOR in the unconventional arena and covers all aspects of development with experts in all disciplines.

 George is a graduate of University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering.

Chris Barden (COO)

Chris has 41 years of industry experience in all phases of engineering.  Chris is Manager of Mantle Oil & Gas, LLC and a Member of The Investment Company.  Chris began his career with Amoco Production Company in 1975.  In 1978, Chris became a senior engineer with Union Texas Petroleum Company.  From 1980 to 1986, Chris was a founding partner in a consulting engineering firm that specialized in total project engineering and management.  In 1986, he became the Executive Vice President and Chief of Operations of Republic Mineral Corporation.  When Texas Meridian purchased the properties of Republic Mineral Corp in January 1990, Chris became the Vice President of Texas Meridian Resources Corp, in charge of all reservoir engineering, production and drilling operations in seven (7) states.  He was elevated to Sr. Vice President of Operations when Texas Meridian was acquired by Transfuel Resources, Inc.  Transfuel was sold to Whiting and Chris began his own independent consulting firm in 1994 which led to his retention as a Senior Engineer with the energy asset marketing firm of Albrecht & Associates, Inc. in 1995.  While at Albrecht & Associates, Inc., Chris analyzed numerous oil & gas properties for sale and acquisition.  During his tenure with the firm, the firm sold in excess of $200MM worth of oil and gas assets.  In 1997, Chris co-founded Reserve Partners L.L.C. to identify, acquire and exploit oil & gas assets.  Chris has been directly responsible for designing, drilling and completing over 500 wells including numerous horizontal wells and has managed a staff of over 100 personnel.   He is a graduate of Auburn University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and is a Registered Professional Petroleum Engineer in the State of Louisiana.


Jeff Miller (Project Management)

Mr. Miller has 33 years of industry experience in the upstream oil and gas business, specializing in reservoir engineering, field development, and project management. He spent the first half of his career as an engineer, beginning with Texaco in the Permian Basin. There he screened fields for EOR potential and performed reservoir simulation studies for polymer and miscible gas injection design and implementation. He served as an expert witness before the RRC for the Bradford Ranch field development hearing. Then he worked for Union Texas Petroleum as a Senior Reservoir Engineer where he expanded his experience to the Mid-continent and Rocky Mountain areas of the US. He worked on coalbed methane fields and successfully developed the SJ 29-7 Unit. After Union Texas, Jeff worked as a consulting reservoir engineer, performing data room evaluations for A&D, and reservoir simulation studies for brownfield development.  Projects included Ek-Balaam (Pemex), Dacion & LL-652 (PDVSA), and West Delta 89 (Agip Petroleum). 

Mr. Miller spent the second half of his career managing development projects and leading subsurface teams for Eni and Statoil. Jeff was lead engineer for the K2 project, the industry’s first Lower Miocene development in the GOM. He was subsurface lead for the Nikaitchuk heavy oil project in Beaufort Sea, Alaska, utilizing long reach horizontal wells. More recently he was the Reservoir Manager for Statoil where he led a team of 15 subsurface professionals in the deep water GOM.  He led or managed many large, world class projects, including Heidelberg, Julia, Tahiti and Vito, where miscible gas injection was evaluated and recommended for Concept Select.

Jeff is a graduate of Missouri University of Science and Technology with a B.S. in Geological Engineering and is a Registered Professional Petroleum Engineer in the State of Texas.


Wes Franklin (Geoscience)

Wes has 48 years of industry experience.  Wes and Chris Barden are partners in Mantle Oil & Gas, LLC. Wes has been in the E & P segment of the petroleum industry since 1969. He began his career as an offshore geologist for Gulf Oil Company in 1969 in Morgan City, Louisiana. In 1973, Wes joined Tenneco Oil Company in Bakersfield, California and was involved with three oil discoveries in California’s San Joaquin Basin, which have ultimate reserves of over 150 million barrels. In 1982 Wes became Exploration Manager for Tenneco’s West Texas and New Mexico division, where he directed exploration programs resulting in discoveries of several hundred billion cubic feet of gas. In 1987, he became the Division Manager for the Tenneco unit.  In the eight years Wes served as a Manager for the Southwestern Division, the Division discovered more reserves than it produced. Following the sale of Tenneco Oil Company in 1988, Wes became Division Manager of the South Texas Division for Fina Oil and Chemical Company. That group discovered several hundred billion cubic feet of gas while redeveloping the Slick Ranch, McAllen Ranch and McAllen-Pharr fields.  Daily production of the South Texas Division increased from approximately 40 million cubic feet per day to 200 million cubic feet of gas per day. Following Fina’s reorganization to a functional design, Wes became General Manager of Exploration for North America. In this capacity, he directed activity and projects in the following regions: Alaskan North Slope, Canadian Foothills and Alberta Basin, Belize, West Texas Permian Basin, the Marathon-Ouachita-Black Warrior thrust belts, the Smackover-Cotton Valley trend, the Mississippi-North Louisiana salt basins, and the Wilcox-Yegua-Vicksburg-Frio-Miocene trends of the Gulf Coast. Fina was an active explorer of the shelf and deep-water regions of the Gulf of Mexico.

Wes retired from Fina in early 1997, and late in that year, became an active oil and gas consultant. Domestically, he has been involved in exploration efforts from the onshore and offshore regions of the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent, Eastern U.S. basins, the Rocky Mountain basins and overthrusts, California, and the Williston Basin. Wes has been involved in international projects Kazakhstan, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, North, West and East Africa. Wes has been extensively involved in the Barnett, Eagle Ford, Fayetteville, Caney-Woodford Shale plays.  Wes has evaluated resource shale potential in French and U.K. basins. 

Wes is a registered geologist with both the state of Washington and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and he is a member of GSA, SEG, and SPE. Mr. Franklin has a B.S. in Geology from Washington State University and an M.S. in Geology from Oregon State University.


Christopher Barden (Well Ops)

Christopher has 15 years of industry experience in all phases of engineering. Christopher began his career with Conoco in 2001 (which became ConocoPhillips in 2002) as a field drilling engineer in South Texas, San Juan Basin and Texas/Oklahoma Panhandles. In 2005, Christopher became a senior engineer with South Oil, Inc., running operations for a shallow Dakota gas play in western Colorado.  During this time he also worked for that company in the South Texas Vicksburg and Maverick Basin plays, and on Wolfcamp and Canyon projects in West Texas.  From late 2005 to 2008, Christopher was a senior engineer with K&M Technology Group, LLC, a drilling engineering firm that specialized in high angle and extended reach drilling (ERD) design and practices. While at K&M, Christopher was instrumental in the planning and implementation of some of the longest reaching wells in the industry.  In his capacity with K&M, Christopher taught classes in ERD engineering design and operational practices to a variety of industry operators. He was responsible with overseeing Southwestern Energy’s horizontal drilling operations in the Fayetteville Shale and teaching the drilling personnel proper horizontal drilling practices.  In 2008, K&M was acquired by Schlumberger, at which point Christopher joined Mantle Oil & Gas, LLC. 

Christopher’s experience ranges from the Rocky Mountains, the U.S. Mid-Continent, South Texas, Louisiana, and both shelf and deep-water Gulf of Mexico.Christopher has been involved internationally in Trinidad, Vietnam, China, Azerbaijan, and both UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea. He is a graduate of Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering and holds an EIT certification in the State of Colorado.


International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.
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Lakewood, Colorado 80228-1535 U.S.A.

Reservoir Engineering 

Mr. Eric Ding (Senior Consultant - Engineering) has over 19 years' experience, in reservoir engineering studies for international operators in Alaska and Algeria. His responsibilities have included computer based reservoir simulation studies, project management and field operations. He has expertise with both building and running reservoir simulation models, having managed and analysed PVT/EOS and SCAL studies. He has utilized large reservoir models to generate history matched models and conduct reservoir development and optimization studies. The reservoirs have ranged from water, gas, and miscible floods in fields with light and viscous oils, gas condensates, and thermal recovery of heavy oil. His prior experience includes reserves estimation and documentation. Mr. Ding is a licensed Professional Engineer (Petroleum) in the state of Minnesota.

Mr. Joseph A. Dozzo (Chairman of the Board & President / Senior Consultant - Engineering) is a reservoir engineer with over 36 years experience in computer based reservoir studies ranging from multi-well petrophysical studies, to reservoir simulation studies and reservoir simulation software development and support. As President and a senior consultant with the company, his responsibilities include both management of multi-disciplinary study teams and active participation in the technical work to ensure the successful execution of reservoir studies for industry clients, both large multi-nationals, and local independents. His experience includes the building and history matching of both large and small, two phase, black oil and compositional single and dual porosity VIP and Eclipse reservoir models, and their subsequent application in performance predictions. His prior experience includes management of software development and client support efforts, development of simulation models and their associated pre- and post-processing software, technical support for computer hardware and software installations, and the application of mapping and simulation tools in both consulting and production environments. Mr. Dozzo has international consulting experience in Algeria, Tunisia, Kuwait, UK, Norway, Spain, Yugoslavia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Colombia, as well as many areas within the U.S.

Dr. Thomas L. Gould (Board Member / Senior Consultant - Engineering) has over 46 years experience in the industry. He has been responsible for research and development in reservoir, pipeline, real-time, training, and graphics software. Dr. Gould has gained a broad range of experience as a reservoir engineering consultant. He has conducted numerous oil, gas, and gas storage reservoir simulation studies. Recently, he has specialized in integrated studies management, thermal recovery simulation, EOR simulation, and mentoring. Dr. Gould has received the Cedrick K. Ferguson Medal from SPE and he is a Distinguished Member of SPE.

Mr. Patrick L. McGuire (Senior Consultant - Engineering) is a reservoir engineer with 40 years of experience. He is a noted expert in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and has worked on gas injection and low salinity EOR opportunities across the globe. He worked for many years on advanced oil recovery processes for the North Slope of Alaska, which is home to North America's largest oil fields and some of the world's largest EOR projects. He authored numerous technical papers on EOR, and holds seven U. S. patents with a number of additional patents pending. Mr. McGuire also served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer, and has addressed over 30 SPE Sections.

Malaysia, and Poland.

Mr. Richard G. Dillon (Vice President / Senior Consultant - Engineering) is a registered professional engineer (Wyoming and Texas) with over 37 years of experience in all aspects of reservoir engineering including numerical simulation, technical and economic project evaluation, secondary and tertiary recovery processes, and property acquisitions. His background includes a wide range of experience and skills gained from reservoir, production, and drilling assignments. Recent projects include constructing and utilizing multi-reservoir compositional models, gas storage reservoir analysis and EOR evaluations.