Benefits of Gas Injection

• Double EUR: IOR production after 10 Years 1.5-2.0 times base EUR
• High IRR and NPV: Capex $1mm per well: PI Ratio NPV/Capex >2.0
• Parent/Child infill completion issue (SPE189875) solved
• Maximize Drilling and Completion NPV and reduce lifting costs

Eagle Ford IOR Field Results

Shale IOR LLC has performed a full evaluation of the field results for all Eagle Ford EOR pilots and projects through June 2018.  It is a comprehensive report that identifies projects using Texas Railroad Commission application for EOR Project form H-12 and additional aerial surveys to identify onsite compression.  The full IOR evaluation report includes production volumes, H-13 injection volumes, simulation history match, EUR and IOR reserve forecasts, aerial photos, Capex/Opex cost estimates, RRC filings, and project economics.  The full IOR evaluation report can be purchased for a modest price, see Shale IOR PRODUCTS for SALE.

Project 1: Mitchell-Henkhaus-Baker Deforest (first full scale project)

EOG began full scale development of cyclic gas injection in 2016 from 28 wells in the Mitchell & Baker-Deforest Units. These two leases are adjacent to the Henkhaus Unit that was successfully developed in late 2014.  Initial development results are shown below along with the first pilots: Martindale, Steen Scruggs, and Whyburn.  Pilots should not be used for IOR benefit results or economics as they were intended to collect conclusive information and do not represent an optimized or economic project. 

Table for Website (4).JPG

Well locations are shown below.  Development started in 2014 with the middle Henkhaus Unit and then expanded to the Units on each side.  The Wells have various spacing and completions where EUR ranges from 286 to 410 mbo, yet similar results are shown for IOR as rate are 167-200 bopd incremental to base depletion.

Stick Diagram of H-BD-M leases.JPG

Unit or Pad level EUR evaluations are shown below where a harmonic decline (b=1.0) is used to fit a straight line on the Log Rate vs. Cume to predict base decline.  Injection well counts are estimated based on initial production drop in the first stage divided by average well production rate prior to shut in.  Well EUR is evaluated based on 10 bopd economic cutoff and IOR is incremental to base decline.  The IOR Ratio line is based on Martindale history match simulation using 14 component high resolution compositional model.

Henkhaus EUR Plot.JPG

Baker Deforest Pad base decline and IOR.

Baker Deforest EUR Plot.JPG

Mitchel Pad base decline and IOR.

Mitchell EUR Plot.JPG

The IOR decline plots along with reservoir simulation indicate all projects have IOR ratio of 1.75 to 2.00.   Cyclic gas injection is increasing the estimated ultimate primary recoveries (EUR) of the fields by 75% to 100%.  Projects all show a consistent IOR response from hydrocarbon gas injection.  We include gas injection volumes from H-13 data in our full evaluation report along with IOR yields (Injected Gas/IOR Oil mcf/stb). 

The EOG Resources IOR outcome is reasonably understood by SHALE IOR LLC and can be repeated with minimal risk in the Eagle Ford volatile oil window.  Projects located in low pressure and black oil areas are considered pilots at this time, and we have developed a straight forward low-cost process to delineate IOR therein.

We believe the same application for IOR in other unconventional plays such as Permian or Marcellus will be used in the very near future as the wells deplete and approach marginal value.  The process brings life to depleted wells and the payout time is good, yielding robust economics. 

Shale IOR Products for Sale

Eagle Ford IOR Evaluation of Field Results:    Published price = $10,000.00 USD

Shale IOR LLC has performed a full evaluation of the field results for 8 Eagle Ford EOR pilots and 20 projects through June 2018.  It is a comprehensive report that identifies all projects using Texas Railroad Commission application for EOR Project forms H-12 and H-13 and additional aerial surveys to identify onsite compression.  The report is intended to help Eagle Ford operators move directly into design mode, thereby avoiding the need for costly pilots.  The key learnings in this report are shown again and again through the 20 implemented projects.  Operators can have confidence that the process works, and through understanding existing projects, known technology can be built upon with even more success. The full IOR evaluation report is offered at 10% of the invested cost to Shale IOR.

Items included with this Purchase are:

  • Reservoir simulation history match and prediction for EUR and IOR for one Pilot

  • Evaluation report with summary and explanations for all field pilots and projects

  • Prediction of EUR and IOR, 1st Cycle Well count, IOR rate and reserves

  • Gas compressors: Count, Injection volumes, Efficiency mcf/stbo

  • Unit monthly production volumes of Oil and Gas for all H-12 filings

  • Unit monthly production of Oil, Gas, Water, and Injection for H-13 filings

  • EUR and IOR data and plot files with GRF plotting macro for S3Graf or other software

  • High resolution drone pictures showing compressor and well site design

We at Shale IOR LLC have confidence that Operators can be successful to conduct high value operations in the Eagle Ford with cyclic gas injection, and we are here to help you each step of the way with seasoned and proven professionals.