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SHALE IOR LLC is a service company which provides design and implementation of Cyclic Gas Injection in the Eagle Ford play in Texas. The process has been tested and proven by EOG resources and shows annual return on investment greater than 30% with present value greater than 2.0 times net capital employed. This opportunity is applicable to thousands of wells in the Eagle Ford and is being piloted in other unconventional plays.

Shale IOR LLC will provide a solution at the well head for cyclic gas injection IOR using produced gas.  Our company provides all surface, subsurface, and reservoir engineering design of the IOR project and can also provide the capital required to implement the project.  Shale IOR LLC can provide a full-service project or pieces of the whole, depending on the operator’s needs.

SHALE IOR LLC contract services include: 1) Project screening and economics,  2) Detailed Engineering for the IOR process from wellhead to reservoir,  3)  Gas compression and surface piping for up to 9000 psi high pressure service,  4) Well head preparation, tubing, facility development, and production monitoring, and 5) Operational process engineering evaluation and optimization.

Operator Asset Screening by Shale IOR LLC Service Provider

Shale IOR LLC believes that proper screening (Concept Select) is essential for success and should be performed prior to engineering design phase (FEED). We can assist operator’s in their Select phase by utilizing our proprietary screening tool based on high resolution compositional simulation for cyclic gas injection IOR. We have significant experience with this process and are looking to screen upstream operator’s Eagle Ford assets for economic value.  We are prepared to evaluate any Eagle Ford oil or gas condensate pad of wells.

Components Provided by SHALE IOR LLC

  • Asset screening with project economics

  • Specification of design for gas compression to include gas compositions, rate & pressure with time, piping and instrumentation

  • Well selection for basis of design in cooperation with the Operator

  • Reservoir simulation predictions for cyclic gas injection of each selected well

  • Well by well cyclic gas injection schedule and soak times

  • Gas and oil sampling and analysis

  • Gas compressor, installation, and gas supply solution

  • Gas compression operations at the pad of wells including piping, valves and meters from sales gas point to compressor, and to each well head as needed

  • Onsite 24/7 operations including HSE and insurance coverage

  • Executing design criteria and coordination between engineering and the Operator

Project Evaluation and Development

Project Screening

SHALE IOR LLC will conduct screening for the Operator using standard consulting agreement based on hourly rates.  Initial screening will take 1 – 2 months, however we provide a one day presentation and screening exercise to produce example project economics for management.

Project Contracts

SHALE IOR LLC is flexible and can contract projects using day rates, or work under a net revenue or production sharing agreement.  The day rate charged to operators will vary depending on the contract service requested and the capital investment amount.  Each project is limited to a given pad of producing wells, and each pad requires a similar capital investment.

Benefits of Using SHALE IOR, LLC

SHALE IOR can provide up to 100% capital investment to start your project and move from project screening to start-up in less than 12 months.  Our services provide the best available technology for engineering an economically robust project.  The Eagle Ford Shale has been piloted by EOG for this process and has over 6 years of history spread across 28 pads injecting produced gas.  Our experts will provide operators with economic projects, rather than expensive pilots.  Our services will enable you to advance your learning curve quickly, so you can apply this technology yourself, book PDP’s, optimize D&C plans, and keep declining Shale assets alive.  We provide a full solution to cyclic gas injection IOR which doubles Pad EUR within 5-7 years on most assets.

  • Shale IOR has the expertise to deliver a successful project

  • Accelerate and obtain learning to apply on other projects

  • Share cost and reduce financial risk

  • Complex engineering and HP injection process provided by one contractor

  • Understanding compositional process is key

  • Process is dynamic, cyclic, and must be understood compositionally

  • Our 3rd party engineering provider International Reservoir Technologies (IRT) has world class experience with miscible gas injection

  • Best in class operational guidelines and safety for the HP gas injection

  • Project screening and development plan will identify and mitigate downside project risk